Hello! I’m Bethany.


I graduated from UC Davis with a PhD in History in 2015.  Currently, I am the senior career advisor for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars at the UC Davis Internship and Career Center, helping folks navigating their career development to design meaningful lives. I serve a constituency of about 7,000 individuals, providing one-on-one appointments, workshops, panels, site visits, and career fairs. I also liaise with regional employers, manage student staff, and collaborate with campus colleagues and stakeholders. You can watch the recordings of workshops I have led on this YouTube playlist. I am especially proud of launching a career development assistance award in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide financial support to graduate students doing unpaid internships, a particular area of inequity in career development. It’s a challenge and a joy to be there for advanced degree holders from all walks of life as they design their professional lives, and I’m pleased to have a strong track record of successful careers launched!

SnL event photo

Teaching is another component of my professional life. I have taught more than 1,000 students since 2013, from first year community college students to PhD candidates in their final year of doctoral study. Currently, I teach a career development course for 25 graduate students at UC Davis twice a year. Previously, I taught American women’s history, U.S. history, and California history at UC Davis, and U.S. women’s history at Solano Community College. If I can spark intellectual curiosity, encourage critical thinking, and create an inclusive environment, I call that a successful classroom community.bethany-hopkins

Writing and storytelling have always been a part of my professional life. I wrote a dissertation called The Fruit of Her Fields: California Women in Commercial Horticulture, 1870-1915, where I analyzed the group of white women fruit farm owners who rose to prominence on the twin waves of anti-Asian animosity and the women’s suffrage movement in the West. You can read my article in the Western Historical Quarterly about one of these women here  [paywall] or read a post I wrote on the Rural Women’s Studies blog here.  In my first career, I was a reporter for the Santa Barbara News-Press, writing feature stories and breaking news. You can read some of my clips here. I have also told several personal stories at Shorts N Longs, a community storytelling event founded by Lisa Cantrell that I also hosted. You can listen to me emcee the event here, or tell a story here. Whatever the format, I aim to make my work clear, concise, and tailored to my audience.

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